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020 4586 9806

020 4586 9806

Shower valve cartridge replacement

  • 2 hr
  • 130 British pounds
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Replacing a shower valve cartridge is a common plumbing repair that may be necessary when your shower faucet is leaking or not functioning properly. While it can be a challenging task, our experienced plumbers are typically capable of replacing a shower valve cartridge efficiently and effectively. The first step in replacing a shower valve cartridge is to turn off the water supply to the shower. This can typically be done by turning off the valve that controls the water supply to the shower or by shutting off the main water supply to your home. Next, the plumber will need to remove the handle and trim of the shower valve to access the cartridge. This may require the use of specialized tools depending on the type of shower valve. Once the cartridge is exposed, the plumber can remove it by using pliers or a cartridge removal tool. It is important to note that some cartridges may be difficult to remove, and may require the use of a specialized tool or some creative problem-solving. Once the old cartridge is removed, the plumber will then install the new cartridge by carefully aligning it with the valve body and securing it in place. The plumber may need to lubricate the cartridge with a silicone-based lubricant before installing it to ensure proper function. Finally, the plumber will reassemble the shower valve and turn the water supply back on to check for any leaks or issues with the new cartridge. It is important to note that while replacing a shower valve cartridge may seem like a straightforward task, it can be complex and may require specialized knowledge and tools. Hiring an experienced and licensed plumber is often the best way to ensure that the repair is done correctly and that your shower valve will function properly for years to come.

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